What Does A Net Zero Hotel Look Like?

This post is by Chris Dickert from Visual Capitalist

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An infographic showing some of the measures that hotels can use to reduce their carbon footprint on their way to net zero.

What Does A Net Zero Hotel Look Like?

At COP26 in Glasgow, the global tourism industry committed to halving emissions by 2030 and reaching net zero by 2050. In addition, a recent survey found that over three-quarters of travelers say they want to travel more sustainably in the coming year. 

And the accommodation sector is listening.

In this infographic for our sponsor, Booking.com, we look at how hotels might evolve to meet the climate challenge. 

Saving the Climate, One Light Bulb at a Time

The data in this graphic comes from a recent study by EY-Parthenon (commissioned by Booking.com) that identified a number of existing carbon-saving initiatives that accommodations could adopt right now to reduce their carbon footprint. 

While no single initiative can bring a hotel’s emissions to zero, taken together they add up to big savings. Collectively, the entire sector could reduce their emissions by 48 million tonnes CO2-eq, equivalent to removing 10.7 million gas-powered cars from the road for a year.

Here is the full list of 24 carbon-saving initiatives considered in the report.

InitiativePotential GHG Emissions Reduction (tonnes CO2-eq)
Retrofit efficient HVAC system35-130
Install energy efficient appliances8-30
Install double-pane windows7-25
Install sunshading on windows1-25
Install low-flow fixtures4-19
Use energy efficient lighting3-9
Turn off minibars by default4-8
Opt-out of daily (Read more...)