‘Oumuamua Might Be a Giant Interstellar Hydrogen Iceberg

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It isn’t an alien spaceship, but new research suggests the first known interstellar object to grace our solar system could be something even stranger.

Covid-19 Testing Is Expensive. It Doesn’t Have to Be

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The diagnostics industry favors wealthy countries, but the rest of the world needs tests, too. Stanford bioengineer Manu Prakash thinks “frugal science can help.

Some Nursing Homes Escaped Covid-19—Here’s What They Did Right

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As states start to reopen, senior care facilities must balance the needs of residents against the potential for more deadly Covid-19 outbreaks.

Covid-19 Creates Long, Anxious Waits for Fertility Treatments

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As fertility clinics gradually reopen, patients and doctors must weigh the risks of seeking pregnancy during a pandemic—or waiting too long to try.

To Beat Covid-19, You Have to Know How A Virus Moves

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As public spaces reopen, scientists are racing to understand the mysterious and turbulent way the disease spreads through air—from person to person, and place to place.

Weather Delays the SpaceX Crew Dragon Launch

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The historic launch planned for Wednesday gets pushed back due to stormy conditions, but the launch window remains open. SpaceX and NASA will try again Saturday.

Whoooaaa Duuuuude: Why We Stretch Words in Tweets and Texts

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Notice you’ve been elongating your words lately? You’re actually loading them with a whooooole lot of meaning.

3 Ways Scientists Think We Could De-Germ a Covid-19 World

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Researchers want to know if we can create an antiviral infrastructure that would protect humans from transmission. Here are a few ideas.

Trump’s New Space Force Missile Might Be Too ‘Super-Duper’

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To go that fast, it would need a ridiculous amount of fuel—and even then, it might never come back down.

Virgin Orbit’s Air-Launched Rocket Fails Its First Test

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LauncherOne failed a few seconds into its first flight. But that’s OK—the only two US rocket startups that made it to orbit flubbed their first tries too.

This Citizen Science Gig Pays People to Match Space Photos

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Astronomers at the Hubble Image Similarity Project are employing their out-of-work neighbors to help them train a neural net to recognize celestial objects.

How an Immunology Blog Became a Covid-19 Guide to Going Out

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With lockdowns ending, people have a lot of questions about how to calculate the risks of returning to everyday activities. Erin Bromage has answers.

Covid-19 Flares Up in America’s Polluted ‘Sacrifice Zones’

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Researchers find that areas with high levels of airborne dust or toxic chemicals also have more deaths from the coronavirus.

How to Watch SpaceX Launch Astronauts to the ISS

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The occasion will mark the first time a private company blasts NASA astronauts into space. Here’s everything you need to know.

Meet This Museum’s All-Star Arachnids and Insects

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Camel spiders and giant hornets and shimmering butterflies, oh my. An arachnologist gives a behind-the-scenes tour at the California Academy of Sciences.

What It’s Like to Be First to Fly a Brand New Spacecraft

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Robert Crippen is the only living NASA astronaut to have flown on a new spacecraft for the first time. The Crew Dragon flyers will join his elite club this week.

Covid-19 Makes the Case for More Meatpacking Robots

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The coronavirus has hit meat processing plants hard. But not in Denmark, where automation makes for safer slaughterhouses.

A Grad Student Solved the Epic Conway Knot Problem—in a Week

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Lisa Piccirillo encountered the more than 50-year-old question by chance at a conference. Her solution relies on a classical tool called the knot trace.

Space Photos of the Week: Keeping an Eye on Jupiter’s Storms

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NASA’s Juno orbiter, along with its Hubble and Gemini telescopes, will help scientists better understand the planet’s atmosphere.

Covid-19 Is Sweeping Through the Navajo Nation

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The pandemic has taken an acute toll on tribal nations that are also struggling with a lack of running water, sparse internet, and a high rates of chronic illness.