Classifying Digital Assets With a New Framework: Datonomy

This post is by Jenna Ross from Visual Capitalist

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Classifying Digital Assets With a New Framework: Datonomy

In 2009, there was one cryptocurrency: bitcoin. Now there are more than 9,000 cryptocurrencies and many digital assets with other uses.

As the ecosystem becomes more complex, investors need more structure and clarity to make sense of how assets relate. In this graphic from MSCI, we introduce a new classification framework known as Datonomy. It is the first in a two-part series on decoding digital assets.

The Main Uses of Digital Assets

MSCI collaborated with Coin Metrics and Goldman Sachs to develop the framework, which classifies digital assets according to what they are primarily used for. It is hierarchical with three levels of classifications: classes, sectors, and subsectors.

We show the first two levels in the table below, along with examples of each sector.

💲Digital CurrenciesValue Transfer CoinsBitcoin
Specialized CoinsDogecoin
🚧 Blockchain InfrastructureSmart Contract PlatformsEthereum
Blockchain UtilitiesPolkadot
Application UtilitiesChainlink
📱Digital Asset ApplicationsDecentralized FinanceUniswap
Intermediated FinanceCronos
Business ServicesVeChain
Information TechnologyFilecoin
MetaverseAxie Infinity
Media ServicesAudius
⛓On-Chain DerivativesStablecoinsTether
Tokenized AssetsPAX Gold
Claim TokensLido Staked Ether

Let’s take a closer look at one sector within each class.

Specialized Coins facilitate value transfer on the blockchain for users with a specific interest, such as privacy, (Read more...)