Visualizing the Past and Future of Energy Transitions

This post is by Govind Bhutada from Visual Capitalist

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infographic on the past and future of energy transitions

Visualizing the Past and Future of Energy Transitions 

As the world gears up for clean energy, looking back at the history of energy transitions can help identify lessons for the future. 

What have shifts in the global energy system looked like in the past, and how can we accelerate the ongoing transition?

The above infographic sponsored by CanAlaska Uranium explores the history of shifts in the global energy mix and highlights the key to a faster clean energy transition. This is Part 1 of 4 in the Road to Energy Utopia series

Energy Transitions: A Brief History

Prior to the 1800s, people mainly relied on biomass like wood, dry leaves, and charcoal for heating and energy. Carriages driven by animals were the primary means of transport.

The first energy transition, from biomass to coal, began with the Industrial Revolution. This shift was largely driven by the rise of coal-fired steam engines, which found their way into railways, factories, and ships. 

To put that into perspective, here are the shares of different energy sources in the global energy mix since 1800: 

195026%3%0%44%19% (Read more...)