How to Watch the Final 2020 Presidential Debate

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Joe Biden and Donald Trump square off for the second and last time on a debate stage Thursday night in Nashville.

Samsung Galaxy A71 5G Review: A Drab, but Reliable Phone

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This unlocked mid-range smartphone is a reliable buy, even if it’s not all that exciting.

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Evo Review: An Audio Nerd’s Dream

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For $500, the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Evo is a fantastic turntable that will last vinyl-loving audiophiles a lifetime.

Apple iPhone 12 Review: Solid, but Don’t Buy It Just for 5G

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Apple’s new iPhone makes a good upgrade if you’re ready for your next phone.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Review: Apple’s Awkward Middle Child

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Apple’s $1,000 phone sits in the awkward spot of not quite being the best phone. Nevertheless, it offers compelling upgrades.

PC Gaming Doesn’t Have to Be More Expensive Than Consoles

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Don’t buy into the myth: If you consider your options carefully, upgrading your desktop doesn’t have to empty your wallet.

Is 5G Available for You? Here’s How to Find Out

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Before you jump on that new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy device, maybe make sure 5G is even available or worthwhile where you live.

Panic’s Playdate Is a Retro-Modern Handheld-Gaming Delight

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Don’t be fooled by the old-school design, with springy buttons and a black-and-white screen. It’s the Game Boy for the wireless, open-source era.

3 Great Gaming Chairs for Any Budget (2020)

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With high backrests and generous adjustability, these thrones ease the physical strain of epic Doom Eternal sessions while also improving your WFH setup.

The 5 Best Photo Printing Services (2020): Tips, Recommendations, and More

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Print memories you can hang on the wall, stash in your wallet, or just hold in your hand with our favorite online picks.

Wing Freedom X Review: Speedy and Pretty

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If good looks, speed, and affordability matter when you’re shopping for an electric bike, this one checks all the boxes.

What to Do With Old Phones, Cameras, Laptops, and Tablets

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Step away from the trash bin! There are plenty of ways to repurpose your old gadgets.

Best Dog Tech & Accessories: 14 Essentials for Your Pup

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WIRED’s favorite dog gear, including a pet camera, fitness tracker, geofencing collar, camping bed, and leash.

Do You Need a 5G iPhone? No, but You’re Getting One Anyway

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This week, we discuss Apple’s new iPhone 12, from the inclusion of 5G in all four handsets, to the super-cute Mini model.

Google Pixel 5 Review: The Best Pixel Yet

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By skipping all the quirky, Google-ly features of previous Pixels, the company’s latest phone is its most boring—and its best.

One Woman’s High-Touch Bid to Upend the Sex-Toy Industry

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Lora DiCarlo said her company’s robotic vibrator, the Osé, would redefine the market. But her hyped-up personal brand would be the real master stroke.

Next-Gen Gaming Is an Environmental Nightmare

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Console waste plus energy-hungry cloud gaming equals the worst of both worlds for sustainability.

How Apple Built 5G Into Its New iPhones

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The faster wireless standard uses different chunks of the radio spectrum—but the technology remains nascent.

Zojirushi’s Rice Cooker (Our Fave) Is $65 Off for Prime Day

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If piles of warm, hot grains are the only thing powering you from one day to the next, check out Zojirushi’s 3-cup rice cooker.

Do Everything Faster With These Keyboard Tricks

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Wanna see me cut and paste a large block of text without formatting? Wanna see me do it again?