Interested in a Career in Global Trade?

This post is by Rida Khan from Visual Capitalist

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Interested in a Career in Global Trade?

The growth of global trade is causing a mass geographical redistribution of workforces.

This is creating employment everywhere it goes and grows, according to the OECD. So how can this redistribution and growth be utilized to launch a successful career?

In the above infographic from The Hinrich Foundation, we explore the massive explosion of career opportunities in international trade. To start, let’s dive into the inner workings of global trade.

Introduction to Global Trading

Trading across borders is a complex process, especially when two or more countries are involved. This is called a Global Value Chain (GVC) and it enables more than half of the world’s international trade.

Here is a visualization of the trade routes of cargo ships across oceans. Note that while this data is from 2012, it is purely intended to demonstrate the complex nature of global trade.

GVCs require a chain of people working throughout the trade route of all internationally exchanged goods and services.

According to the OECD, a country’s ability to benefit from GVCs depends on how much it invests in the skills and education of their citizens.

Understanding the Landscape of Global Trade

For those considering pursuing a career in trade, it can help to look at the landscape of (Read more...)