Sad About Bezos

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I have such an old fashioned view of marriage, or maybe I am a hopeless romantic to believe in “ever forever together.” (By the way, my old fashioned ideas — they are a result of being the son of a couple that has been together for almost 55 years, so I am kind of a believer, even though I am a bachelor.)

And perhaps that is why I am saddened by the news that Jeff Bezos and his wife of twenty five years, novelist Mackenzie Bezos will divorce. I don’t know both of them personally — though I have met and interacted with Jeff a few times in the past, before he became a superhero.

Soon to be no-longer Mrs. Bezos made a favorable impression when she wrote a spirited defense of Amazon, its history and her husband in her review of The Everything Store. She gave the Continue reading “Sad About Bezos”