The Future of Cybersecurity and the Tech Companies out to Improve it

This post is by Kate McGinn from Seedcamp

The digital lives we’ve built for ourselves are proving to be more vulnerable to cyber attacks than ever before. Tech, media, and, yes, even beef corporations are being infiltrated by sophisticated hacker groups which current cyber solutions seemingly can’t defend against. Gone are the days of exclusively feeling nervous about physical break-ins — today’s main security concerns are digital. At Seedcamp, we have been backing a variety of companies looking to keep people’s personal and professional lives safe. One example is Zamna, which is focused on traveler health verification at airports (talk about a timely problem to solve!). Another is Cyscale, one of our most recent additions to the Seedcamp Nation, which maps, secures, and monitors cloud assets for companies. Whether in a professional or personal setting, we are passionate about digital security due to its ever-increasing importance to make our world a safer place. 

Today, two big trends are putting strain on our old ways of securing data, infrastructure, and applications.  These are 1) the COVID-induced move to a remote workforce and 2) a shift to open-source and web3. 

Let’s dig in.

From work-bound to house-bound.

First of all, and as no news to anyone, COVID has made the work-bound, house-bound. Our remote workforce comes with a myriad of dangers as today’s employees rely on home networks, which oftentimes aren’t secured. When workers are decentralised and operate from multiple different locations, one hack on a personal network can lead to the entire organisation being at (Read more...)