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A new lick of paint

This post is by Om Malik from On my Om

It has been nearly a month since I posted something around here. I have been busy with work, life and reading. A lot of reading. Given the noisy state of media, I find books are a good source of intellectual nourishment. And there is another reason why I didn’t feel like posting anything — the proverbial spring cleaning over on the old online homestead.

With the help of folks from team WordPress, I have come up with a new home page, which showcases:

  • Latest photo post.
  • Latest journal entry.
  • Latest post on/about technology
  • Links to my recent essays
  • Links to my recent interviews.
  • Links to some of my favorite pieces.
  • And my latest podcast.

The segmentation is straightforward and self-explanatory. Journal is where I will post everything from what’s on my mind to quotes & articles I find interesting. It is here I will write about my travels, books, music, and everything that is well, just my edit of the world. The technology entries are exclusively about writing on and about technology.

None of this is new — it is just more streamlined and hopefully easier to navigate.

That’s it!

May 23, 2022. San Francisco owner Automattic acquires journaling app Day One

Automattic is expanding its lineup of online writing platforms with its acquisition of Day One, a popular journaling app for Mac and Apple mobile devices. The app has been downloaded more than 15 million times since its March 2011 launch on the Mac and iTunes App Store, offering users a private place to share their thoughts. Since then, it’s been awarded the App Store Editor’s Choice, App of the Year, and the Apple Design Award, along with praise from various reviewers.

Deal terms were not immediately available. The companies were asked for comment.

The addition makes for an interesting expansion of Automattic’s now growing collection of online writing tools, which today include blogging platforms and Tumblr — the latter as of 2019, when Automattic took the aging social blogging network off parent company Verizon’s hands for a fraction of its earlier $1 billion acquisition price. (Verizon still owns TechCrunch, too…for now.)

Unlike WordPress and Tumblr, which tend to focus on publishing to a public audience, Day One’s focus has been on privacy. The app offers end-to-end encryption for all your journal entries, which can include text, media and even audio recordings. It has also offered advanced features like automatic backups, auto-import of Instagram posts, voice transcriptions, templates, rich text formatting, location history, optional printed books, as well as integrations with other platforms like Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and more.

With its addition to Automattic, Day One will allow users to choose to publish select journal entries (Read more...)

10 notable tech things

This post is by Om Malik from On my Om

  1. Another one bites the dust! There was a time when I madly listed for the Prada Phone by LG. It was like iPhone before iPhone.  LG recently announced that it was leaving the phone business for good. Such a shame. LG never “capitalized on the household name recognition” and “was beset by an inferiority complex to crosstown rival Samsung,” writes Roger Cheng, in this close examination of what went wrong at LG. This great read — and it highlights that to win, you need to overcome self-doubt. 
  2. Abandoned Disasters: The unseen climate disaster in plain sight — that is how I would describe the growing problem of abandoned oil and gas wells. The Girst has conducted a wide-ranging investigation and found that, led by Texas and New Mexico, these abandoned wells are accelerating the release of dangerous methane into the environment, in addition to polluting the groundwater. This story is so horrifying, and it made me angry. The short-sighted nature of our society and our agencies is infuriating. Have a read, and decide for yourself.
  3. What great branding by pasta-maker Barilla. Listen to Spotify and make perfect pasta. Moody day linguine is my favorite. 
  4. What compels us to jot down poetry and poetic thoughts in our Notes app, of all places? I didn’t know, so I read this article.
  5. I was on Stacey Higginbotham’s podcast and we talked about ARM’s new chip architecture and future version of Bluetooth, apart from the usual banter between two former (Read more...)

HEY World makes what’s old new again with blogging.

This post is by Om Malik from On my Om

Lately, I find myself admiring HEY World, a new tool from the makers of the collaboration platform Basecamp. Here’s how it works: If you use HEY, their (paid) email service, you can write an email, send it to a specific address, and publish it for the world to see. The published email is distributed to readers, who either sign-up for receiving email updates or use a more traditional RSS feed. 

What Hey World is doing is nothing novel — and yet, it is. 

The platform I use to publish pretty much everything, WordPress*, has offered this publish-with-email feature for over a decade. It allows folks to sign-up for getting email updates of an individual piece as soon as it is published. (You should sign-up here to get my updates.) 

While WordPress offers a cornucopia of features (If it didn’t, it wouldn’t be powering nearly 40 percent of the Internet’s websites), what makes Hey World attractive — for a subset of people, at least — is that it has pared blogging and distribution down to the essentials. As long as you pay for the Hey email platform, you don’t need to put any thought into finding a distribution mechanism and getting started. 

My friend and writer-turned-founder of Trucks VC has a simple concept he calls “time to value.” How long does it take for someone to start using a product and find value? It is a great way to evaluate products, and I use this approach all the (Read more...)