From Intern to Analyst: Lessons from two years at one of Europe’s leading VC firms.

This post is by The Seedcamp Team from Seedcamp

by Felix Martinez, originally published on Medium.

It’s hard to believe almost two years have passed since I joined Seedcamp. It’s been an incredibly fun, intense, and rewarding journey during which I’ve learned a ton from the range of pretty awesome people I’m lucky enough to spend my days with.

Two years ago, I would never have thought I’d be fortunate enough to have a semi-front row seat to see the likes of HopinSorareHarbrEzraGraphyElephant HealthcareTHIS and Sylvera, among others, go from one or two-man bands to becoming category-defining companies which, cheesy as it may sound, are tangibly affecting many people’s lives for the better. I also didn’t think I’d have the opportunity to learn from and be mentored by some of the best investors in the business.

This two-year milestone has prompted me to reflect on some of the stand-out learnings from my time in VC. I’ve purposefully tried to stay clear of lessons I’ve learned where the outcomes are solely related to investing or startups. Rather, I wanted to give a few tangible examples of my own experiences at Seedcamp — right from pre-internship application in 2019 through to the current day — to highlight key learnings which I’ve come to realise regularly manifest themselves across many facets of my everyday life.

I hope these can be helpful insights for anyone who is thinking about embarking on a new career path — be it (Read more...)