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Visualized: The Largest Trading Partners of the U.S.

This post is by Avery Koop from Visual Capitalist

Infographic highlighting the largest trading partners of the U.S.

Visualized: The Largest Trading Partners of the U.S.

The United States is the world’s biggest goods importer making it a powerhouse in the global movement of goods.

With so many imports, it goes without saying that the country has a significant goods deficit with many of its trading partners. The deficit with China, for example, is $383 billion. Meanwhile, the total goods trade deficit is nearly $1.2 trillion and it increased by 9% in 2022.

Given that the country has trade relations with more than 200 countries, regions, and territories, this network of relationships is complex. This visual, using data from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, makes trade relationships easier to understand, ranking the biggest trading partners of the U.S. in terms of goods trade alongside the value of exports and imports.

A Closer Look At U.S. Trade Balances

Trade balances are characterized in two ways: deficits and surpluses.

Each balance is determined by calculating the difference in U.S. exports and imports with a given trade partner. So while the balance with Ireland is a deficit of $66.1 billion, the balance with the Netherlands is a surplus of $38.3 billion.

#1🇨🇳 China$153.8 B$536.8 B-$382.9 B
#2🇲🇽 Mexico$324.4 B$454.9 B-$130.6 B
#3🇻🇳 Vietnam$11.4 B$127.5 B-$116.1 B
#4🇨🇦 Canada$356.1 B$437.7 B-$81.6 B
#5🇩🇪 Germany$72.9 B$146.6 B-$73.7 B
#6🇯🇵 Japan$80.3 B$148.3 B-$68.0 B
#7🇮🇪 Ireland$16.0 B$82.0 B-$66.1 (Read more...)

Mapped: The Top Trading Partner of Every U.S. State

This post is by Avery Koop from Visual Capitalist

Trading Partner of Every U.S. State

The Top Trading Partner of Every U.S. State

The U.S. is highly dependent—perhaps unsurprisingly—on Canada and Mexico for trade. The country’s top trading partner is Mexico, making up 14.8% of total trade.

However, the country’s neighbors to the north and south are not the only trade partners that U.S. states rely heavily upon. This map from uses flags to show which country each U.S. state is importing the most from. Below, there is an additional graphic showing where each state is exporting the highest amount of goods and services to.

Who are the States Importing From?

The U.S. has a few natural and obvious trading partners, whether due to geographical closeness or strong economic ties.

The obvious candidates for top trading partners have already been mentioned, Canada and Mexico—and these two do show up at the state level as well. For example, Michigan gets 40.9% of its imports from Mexico, and Montana receives a whopping 87% of its imports from Canada.

Some other interesting trade partnerships stand out, like the Carolinas and Germany. Trade ties between Hawaii and Japan also make sense for historic reasons.

StateTop CountryTotal State Import (Millions USD)Share of Total State Imports
Alabama ?? Mexico$4,16116.3%
Alaska?? South Korea$83635.0%
Arizona?? Mexico$8,97835.0%
Arkansas?? China$3,16036.6%
California?? China$130,29132.9%
Colorado?? Canada$2,92824.3%
Connecticut?? Canada$4,03122.4%
Delaware?? Switzerland$1,92721.1%
District of Columbia?? Canada$7413.7%
Florida?? China$11,21214.7%
Georgia?? China$20,19420.4%
Hawaii?? Japan$29115.1%
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