5 Reasons Why Cultured Foods Are Here to Stay

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5 Reasons Why Cultured Foods Are Here to Stay

5 Reasons Why Cultured Foods Are Here to Stay

Imagine a world where humans can thrive without harming any animals for food.

By cutting meat consumption and shifting to a plant-based diet, we could reduce greenhouse gases by 70% by 2050 and spare 105 animals per person each year.

Cellular agriculture has the power to make this shift less daunting. The infographic above from CULT Food Science (CSE: CULT) explores five reasons why foods produced from cell cultures could make this world a reality.

The Case for Cultured Foods

First things first, the term cellular agriculture describes the process of growing animal agricultural products directly from cell cultures instead of using livestock.

Foods produced from cell cultures—also known as cultured foods—can provide a promising solution to a wide range of problems we are currently facing.

Sounds too good to be true? Let’s dive into some of the reasons cultured foods are here to stay:

1. A More Sustainable Food System is Desperately Needed

With populations rising at an unprecedented pace, more healthy and affordable food options are required urgently.

Cultured foods can provide a more efficient solution compared to conventional meat. In fact, it takes just 2-3 weeks to create a cultured meat product compared to the 52 weeks+ it takes to raise a farm animal such as a cow.

Compared to animal-sourced industries, food produced from cell cultures could also be more resilient to supply chain disruptions.

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