Why Your Co-Founder Is Your Key To Success (Or Failure)

They say you aren’t serious about your side hustle until you go full-time. Well, this month I did just that. Leaving the luxuries of job security and a salary is difficult to do. Mix in a global pandemic and I’m either hellbent on making an impact or just mildly crazy. 

Throughout my life I’ve always had some sort of side hustle I was passionate about. While none of them were ever intended to be full-time jobs, those experiences prepared me for my venture today as a full-time founder of the PreSales Collective

But this story isn’t about me, it’s about my co-founder, Yuji Higashi. I’ve learned that the key to building a successful venture is realizing that you can’t do it alone. Two heads are better than one. But that’s if, and only if, you use them to have a multiplier effect. You’ve heard it before: The other person must have skills that complement your own.

That said, many people say you just need a tech partner and a sales partner. I’m here to tell you that I disagree. Does that more limited list potentially make it easier? Yes. But unfortunately, there is no easy recipe for success. What I can tell you though is this: You need to have a similar vision and a complementary skill set. 

Here are four founding principles that I’ve come to learn through Yuji’s and my journey that can help you make the right decision in choosing your co-founder:


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