HEY World makes what’s old new again with blogging.

This post is by Om Malik from On my Om

Lately, I find myself admiring HEY World, a new tool from the makers of the collaboration platform Basecamp. Here’s how it works: If you use HEY, their (paid) email service, you can write an email, send it to a specific address, and publish it for the world to see. The published email is distributed to readers, who either sign-up for receiving email updates or use a more traditional RSS feed. 

What Hey World is doing is nothing novel — and yet, it is. 

The platform I use to publish pretty much everything, WordPress*, has offered this publish-with-email feature for over a decade. It allows folks to sign-up for getting email updates of an individual piece as soon as it is published. (You should sign-up here to get my updates.) 

While WordPress offers a cornucopia of features (If it didn’t, it wouldn’t be powering nearly 40 percent of the Internet’s websites), what makes Hey World attractive — for a subset of people, at least — is that it has pared blogging and distribution down to the essentials. As long as you pay for the Hey email platform, you don’t need to put any thought into finding a distribution mechanism and getting started. 

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