Adobe’s Future: Copy, Paste, & AI

This post is by Om Malik from On my Om

MacBook Pro displaying island

Adobe’s Future

Adobe has to embrace AI and become an even better fast follower in order to survive & thrive in the future.

Every year at its annual launch fest, the Adobe Max, Adobe announces enhancements to its flagship software products. I keep an eye on photography-related offerings — Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. This year’s product enhancements tapped into Adobe’s “artificial intelligence” technology, Adobe Sensei.

The new “Sensei” powered features will allow Adobe’s software to do Photo Restoration that can eliminate scratches and other minor imperfections on old photographs) and Select People, aka detect a person within a photograph, and then create masks specific to their facial skin, body skin, eyebrow, iris, pupil, lips, teeth, mouth, and hair. There is a massive improvement in the ability to make detailed selections of complex objects — say, the hair of an Icelandic horse. The list of features is long and impressive, but the underlying theme — AI is helping automate complex and repetitive tasks. (Read my column in The Spectator, Why we should learn to stop worrying and learn to love AI.)

Easy hand-drawn selections.

I have been using the new software for about ten days. My workflow hasn’t changed — I use the camera to capture the same way as I always have. My use of color (or lack thereof) isn’t very different. What’s different is the ability to select and mask complex objects — a bird or a tree, for example — and then separate (Read more...)