Our investment in Figures’ €1.7M round to help startups manage their salary policy

This post is by Natasha Lytton from Seedcamp

Figures co-founders Virgile Raingeard and Bastien Formery

One of the most frequent questions we get from our founders at Seedcamp is ‘how much should I be paying for xx role?’ Until now, navigating startup salaries across Europe has been a total black box, with companies constantly struggling to get cohesive benchmarking data and understand how to position themselves to be competitive in the market, without bankrupting themselves in the process.

To help solve this massive problem, we are delighted to lead investment into Virgile and Bastien, co-founders of Figures, as they set out to help startups manage their salary policy as they scale their compensation platform across multiple European countries. We are impressed by what the team has built in just a year, with20 customers already in France and Germany including the likes of Qonto, PayFit, BackMarket, and JobTeaser who rely on the Figures platform to define their salary policy. Given the success of its solution, Figures has announced an acceleration of its development in Europe (Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Benelux, Scandinavian countries) and aims to have 700 European customers within a year.

In a market under high tension, in which compensation is a key component to attracting and retaining the best talents, Figures’ solution has already helped more than 220 start-ups to review their salary policy. Figures is currently the only platform providing access to real salary levels in the start-up market, with data filterable by company size, industry, funding, role, and location.

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