A Visual Guide to Investing in Psychedelics

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A Visual Guide to Investing in Psychedelics

The psychedelics industry has exploded in recent years, presenting new opportunities for investors as it continues to grow and evolve.

Due to its potential to revolutionize medicine as we know it, an eye-watering increase in capital flows have been pumped into the market, spurring its development even further. But given the complexities of the industry, it is by no means easy to understand.

The graphic above from our sponsor Tryp Therapeutics provides a visual overview of the major sectors that make up the multi-billion dollar psychedelics industry, as well as some of the most active companies that operate within each of them.

The Psychedelics Industry, Sector by Sector

According to Psilocybin Alpha, there are eight major market segments (based on different stages in the supply chain) that make up the psychedelics industry today.

The companies mentioned in the graphic exhibit substantial activity within each segment but it is not an exhaustive list. Some of them are also exploring different focus areas, and therefore may appear across numerous segments. Let’s dive in.

Supply and Manufacture

[Cultivation, synthesis, and other production of psychedelics.]

This segment includes companies in the industry that currently manufacture psychedelic drugs synthetically or operate cultivation facilities. Others that fall in this category possess (or plan to apply for) licenses to cultivate or produce psychedelics.

When it comes to synthetic manufacturers, the companies operating in this space believe that this approach (Read more...)