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Investing in the New World of Remote Work

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Investing in the New World of Remote Work

The COVID-19 pandemic was a major catalyst in the future of work.

We quickly learned that work could be done practically anywhere. To emphasize the impact remote work culture has had, consider the fact that some 71% of Americans did some type of remote work in 2020, compared to just 20% pre-pandemic.

This infographic from eToro dives into the new world of remote work and explores the main trends investors need to know.

Reaping the Benefits

Remote work culture has been met with positivity by both workers and employers. While the benefits may vary from person to person, there are a key few that seem to resonate on a wide scale. For instance, 32% of survey respondents point to flexible scheduling as a top benefit.

Employee Benefits From Remote WorkEmployee Response (%)
Flexible schedule32%
Flexible location25%
No commute22%
Family time11%
Work from home8%

In addition to happier workers, productivity has seen an untick as well. About 56% of workers report being slightly or considerably more productive during the pandemic. By contrast, only 28% report being either slightly less or considerably less productive.

Challenges to Address

Of course, the remote trend does not come without its fair share of challenges.

The most notable is being unable to unplug from work. This might be the result of constant and seemingly endless emails, or perhaps the lack of being able (Read more...)

Pandemic Recovery: Have North American Downtowns Bounced Back?

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pandemic recovery

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Pandemic Recovery: Have Downtowns Bounced Back?

As we continue on our journey towards recovery from the impacts of the pandemic, North American offices that sat empty for months have started to welcome back in-person workers.

This small step towards normalcy has sparked questions around the future of office life—will office culture eventually bounce back to pre-pandemic levels, or is remote work here to stay?

It’s impossible to predict the future, but one way to gauge the current state of office life is by looking at foot traffic across city centers in North America. This graphic measures just that, using data from Avison Young.

Change in Downtown Office Traffic

According to the data, foot traffic in 23 different metropolitan hubs across North America remains drastically below pre-pandemic levels.

Across all major cities included in the index, average weekday visitor volume has fallen by 73.7% since the early months of 2020. Here’s a look at each individual city’s change in foot traffic, from March 2, 2020 to Oct 11, 2021:

CityCountryChange in Foot Traffic
Austin?? (Read more...)

You Can Scale Despite Cost Cutting: Spoke Outsourcing

This post is by MPD from @MPD - Medium

While the coronavirus pandemic, the struggling stock market and the new remote working paradigm will strain most companies, some will adapt and position themselves to scale in this environment. Even in the face of cost cutting — as competitors fall apart and the market declines — you can reposition your company to scale.

While it might seem highly counterintuitive, now is a time of opportunity. The weaker companies will be shaken out while the strong will entrench and survive. Historically many well-known businesses, such as Google, Facebook and Airbnb, have risen from the ashes of recessions. The key is to adapt.

How can you adapt? Well one of the silver linings of the social distancing measures is that many teams have figured out how to navigate remote work. What seemed untenable to most management teams has now been demonstrated to be highly functional. Offices closed but companies adapted and kept operating.

As the co-founder of Spoke, a business process outsourcing company with a distributed global team, I’ve experienced remote work to deliver excellent results for years. Remote working is here to stay and I suspect that many companies will consider not taking office space after the stay in place orders are long gone. And that presents an opportunity. With remote work as a viable option, companies can both cut costs and scale their operations by leveraging lower cost labor.

Many Fortune 1000 companies, such as Amazon, American Express and Apple, figured this out long ago. They already leverage enormous remote workforces. According to the investment banking (Read more...)