Personal Exemptions from Reason

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So, back in November I blogged about California’s abysmal PBE rates and how this lax state-level vaccination policy is terrible for California kids. Well, since that time we’ve had measles and pertussis outbreaks here, and legislators have really stepped up.

Dr. Richard Pan introduced SB-277, which aims to eliminate the “Personal Belief” exemption. I got involved as a volunteer with Vaccinate California, a group of parents working to support the legislation through grassroots efforts. I’ve spoken in favor of it at city council meetings in Berkeley and the Democratic Party committee meeting in SF. My first taste of local politics. 😉 The response from antivax crackpots online was swift and nasty, but that’s a story for another time.

This week I wrote an article for Slate on the fight to get the legislation passed, and on the demographics of California’s antivax movement. It has interactives! It looks at both

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