2019 Blog Retrospective

I know I’m supposed to do this post in December, but here’s a better-late-than-never 2019 retrospective for this blog. It was my most prolific year of blogging since 2012, with 11 posts comprised of 12,103 words (25+ pages), and set new records for traffic (and hopefully readership).

Key takeaways for me: clicks very much follow a power law, with the posts on IBM/Red Hat and open source vs. the cloud accounting for a whopping 84% of traffic. Hacker News and Twitter were the top two sources of traffic.  Fake press releases don’t get the attention they deserve, so I will continue to flog this format until it is fully appreciated (take note!). And as a purveyor of densely linked posts, it is disappointing how few click-throughs there are of all those links.

To review 2019’s posts:

Missing the (Bamboo) Forest for the (Apple) Trees

This was probably my

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