Flare Capital Team Upgrade…

Last week we made two somewhat related announcements, both of which look to further deepen the Flare Capital bench.

Parth Desai, who joined us as a Senior Associate in March 2019, was promoted to Principal, largely in recognition of his tremendous contributions to the investment activities of the firm. Parth has identified a number of compelling new investment opportunities, and more importantly, has introduced us to extraordinary entrepreneurial talent. Venture capital is all about working with the best entrepreneurs and Parth has made a significant impact there. It was quickly evident to us that his industry insights and strength of network were viewed as real assets by many people we wanted to back. In addition to terrific investment judgement and being a lightning rod for great people, he is an absolute delight to have around.

Notably, Parth has also taken on the oversight of the Flare Scholars program,

Scholar Ventures

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