2019: Getting my Move On

In 2019 I moved to Turks & Caicos and decided to sell my apartment in New York. I love my hybrid life where I split my time between New York and the Caribbean. It allows me to spend a month in New York where I am intellectually, socially, professionally and artistically stimulated beyond my wildest dreams. I meet countless extraordinary people, host intellectual dialoging salons and enjoy all of New York’s entertainment options. But after a month, I admit I am exhausted, and the constant doing takes time away from thinking. That’s why I then love spending a month in the Caribbean where I can work during the day, kite, and play tennis and really take the time to read, be reflective and recharge my batteries. 

I decided to leave the Dominican Republic in 2018, and had to ponder where I should go. My real estate travails from

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New York Entertainment Recommendations

My friends all seemingly decided to descend upon New York for the holidays. As they already saw the prototypical New York attractions (Met, Museum of Natural History, MOMA, Liberty Tower, The Lion King), they asked for more unique recommendations.

Dirty Circus at House of Yes

This raunchy variety show features a little bit of everything: acrobatics, burlesque and general insanity. It’s amazing and somehow the amateurishness of some of the acts only add to its charm. You also get to meet the young, fun and hot Burning Man crowd of Bushwick.

It’s typically every few Wednesdays starting at 8 pm. The next one is on January 29

The Devouring

If Bushwick and the nudity of House of Yes are too aggressive for you, then The Devouring should be right up your alley. It is the result of a collaboration between Studio 54’s Ian Schrager, House of Yes and Michelin-starred

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Thanks for the perfect day!

Birthdays are a great time for reflection and this one especially made me feel extremely grateful for the life I had. I had the perfect day: friends, family, kiting, foiling, massage, tennis and more!

My only wish is for more of the same.

Thank you!

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