You Don’t Have to Sweat to Work Out

To me, good health is all about alignment. Aligning mind, body, behavior and spirit (if you’re religious) promotes good health. My belief is based on personal experience.

When I was in my early twenties, I was profoundly unhappy. I thought I was just “not happy” and going through the daily routine of life. I was an engineering graduate student at Stanford and dreaded what I was doing without even knowing it. As Tony Soprano says, I was probably too lazy to think for myself.

I was also ridiculously fit and “healthy.” I didn’t touch alcohol, didn’t eat red meat, exercised like a fiend. I played 3 hours of basketball per day. I had 7% body fat. My physician was literally shocked at my HDL/LDL counts – he had never seen such great metrics. I was a specimen.

I soon became extremely sick – Stage IV Hodgkin’s Disease. There is Continue reading “You Don’t Have to Sweat to Work Out”