Visualizing Companies with the Most Patents Granted in 2021

This post is by Raul Amoros from Visual Capitalist

companies with the most patents

The Briefing

  • In 2021, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted a total of 327,798 utility patents
  • For almost three decades, IBM has been granted more patents each year than any other U.S. company

Visualizing Companies with the Most Patents Granted in 2021

Companies around the world invest billions in R&D to provide cutting-edge innovation to their products and services. In order to protect these investments, companies apply for patents. Therefore, the number of utility patents a company is granted can be considered a rough measure of its level of innovation.

Every year, the Patent 300 List identifies America’s most innovative companies within the intellectual property space by analyzing the patents granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

In 2021, the USPTO granted a total of 327,798 utility patents, down 7% from the previous year. Let’s take a look at which companies generated the most patents in 2021.

from 2020
1?? U.S.International Business Machines Corporation8,540-9%
2?? South KoreaSamsung Electronics Co., Ltd.8,5170%
3?? South KoreaLg Corporation4,388-13%
4?? JapanCanon K.K.3,400-8%
5?? ChinaHuawei Technologies Co., Ltd.2,955-7%
6?? U.S.Intel Corporation2,835-14%
7?? TaiwanTaiwan Semiconductor Mfg. Co. Ltd.2,807-3%
8?? JapanToyota Jidosha K.K.2,753-2%
9?? U.S.Raytheon Technologies Corporation2,694-16%
10?? JapanSony Corporation2,624-9%

For 29 consecutive years, IBM has led U.S. companies in the number of patents received annually. (Read more...)