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Nobl9 raises $21M Series B for its SLO management platform

SLAs, SLOs, SLIs. If there’s one thing everybody in the business of managing software development loves, it’s acronyms. And while everyone probably knows what a Service Level Agreement (SLA) is, Service Level Objectives (SLOs) and Service Level Indicators (SLIs) may not be quite as well known. The idea, though, is straightforward, with SLOs being the overall goals a team must hit to meet the promises of its SLA agreements, and SLIs being the actual measurements that back up those other two numbers. With the advent of DevOps, these ideas, which are typically part of a company’s overall Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) efforts, are becoming more mainstream, but putting them into practice isn’t always straightforward.

Nobl9 aims to provide enterprises with the tools they need to build SLO-centric operations and the right feedback loops inside an organization to help it hit its SLOs without making too many trade-offs between the cost of engineering, feature development and reliability.

The company today announced that it has raised a $21 million Series B round led by its Series A investors Battery Ventures and CRV. In addition, Series A investors Bonfire Ventures and Resolute Ventures also participated, together with new investors Harmony Partners and Sorenson Ventures.

Before starting Nobl9, co-founders Marcin Kurc (CEO) and Brian Singer (CPO) spent time together at Orbitera, where Singer was the co-founder and COO and Kurc the CEO, and then at Google Cloud, after it acquired Orbitera in 2016. In the process, the team got to work (Read more...)

Weavr raises $4m to provide simple, flexible, and accessible embedded banking

This post is by David Ola from Seedcamp

Co-founders Adrian Mizzi (CTO), Alex Mifsud (CEO) have joined forces in the past at Entropay and, later, Ixaris

Outsource to experts or build in-house? This perennial question has seen an increasing number of companies leaning towards maintaining their agility, especially in business functions like finance and compliance. Combine this with a pandemic-caused shift to digital for the first time in numerous industries and it is clear to see why customer demand for services that are readily available and integrated is growing. 

Enter Weavr, the low-code, license free embedded banking provider that weaves its way into your tech stack and provides you full financial services capabilities enabling you to integrate banking functionality seamlessly into your digital application or service. Weavr allows businesses in any digital sector – not just fintechs – to outsource their payment solution in a customisable and scalable manner. As FinTech stacks get ever more confusing, a company that is trying to make it easier to navigate the process is a breath of fresh air. 

We’re excited to back the Weavr Co-Founders Adrian Mizzi and Alex Mifsud alongside our friends at Anthemis & QED as they raise $4M to accelerate their product development and growth. 

To build your own financial services requires a certain level of expertise that comes at a high cost when building internally. When we met the Weavr team, we instantly realized that they possessed the experience, drive, and tactfulness necessary to address their target problem. Alex and Adrian bring combined decades of experience in (Read more...)