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  • Charted: The Exponential Growth in AI Computation

    In eight decades, artificial intelligence has moved from purview of science fiction to reality. Here’s a quick history of AI computation. The post Charted: The Exponential Growth in AI Computation appeared first on Visual Capitalist.

  • Moore on Moore’s Law

    That was a term I couldn’t utter for 20 years after the article was published, but I finally got comfortable with it. My original message was to get the idea across that integrated circuits were going to be cheap someday. They were not cheap at the time. I never expected it to be an accurate…

  • Bitcoin is the Fastest Asset to Reach a $1 Trillion Market Cap

    This post is by Aran Ali from Visual Capitalist The Briefing Bitcoin (BTC) hit a $1 trillion market cap in just 12 years, making it the fastest asset to do so Investor sentiment towards BTC appears to be at extreme bullishness, with the asset adding roughly $500 billion in market cap just in 2021 Bitcoin…