When to hire a CMO for your startup?

This post is by Natasha Lytton from Seedcamp

One of the very first questions we get from founders after they raise capital is how to spend it, with talent and customer acquisition generally the biggest focus of our founders’ time, and budgets.

In this post, Carlos chats with Natasha Lytton from our team about her experiences as a CMO and covers some of the typical questions we see asked (or those that sometimes people are too embarrassed to ask) around all things Marketing and when, and how, to hire a marketer for your startup.

Image by Fab Lentz, Unsplash

What is the most misunderstood part of ‘the marketing function’ within a startup?

  1. That growth belongs exclusively within the marketing department
  2. That one person can cover the whole stack of ‘marketing’ – ie performance and brand
  3. That short-term tactics are the wholly grail and that customer acquisition costs (CAC) you achieve today will last forever (spoiler alert, they won’t!)

When you should be doing marketing vs. someone else?

I think this really depends on you as a founder and the mix of your founding team; your skillset, where you feel most comfortable, and what’s going to be the most impactful use of your time. If you have zero marketing experience and know this is going to be a core function in order for your business to grow, I’d be looking to bring someone on to run it asap. I think, as founders, it’s essential you take an active interest in the story of the business, which is essential when it (Read more...)