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2021 Taiwan Startup Investment Scene Report

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Taiwan is seeing an increase in the number of startups entering the market and more capital pouring in. The country has also seen tremendous growth in the health tech, energy tech and electronics industries. Powered by Crunchbase data and other sources, the latest Taiwan Startup Investment Scene Report analyzes investment trends in Taiwan over the past few years, in addition to comparing trends seen in Taiwan to those experienced by global counterparts.

Note: The following data was compiled near the end of 2021, and the report covers the full years of 2015 to 2020.


The current startup investment scene in Taiwan

Taiwan is a growing startup ecosystem with more investment deals happening every year. From 2015 to 2020, 1,421 early-stage investment deals were done, totaling over $4.05 billion invested.

bar chart with the total amount of money invested in startups per year

In 2020, 310 investments were completed. Compared to 2019, which saw 355 investments, that’s a drop of 12.68%, mainly due to COVID-19 impacting the market and affecting investment deals. However, Taiwan saw an all-time high in investment in 2020, with a total amount of $873 million invested—a 25.04% increase compared to 2019’s $698 million. This increase (Read more...)

How to Do Market Research for a Startup: Tips for Success

So, you have plans to create an industry-disrupting startup. Before you get started, ask yourself this: Do I know the industry well enough to disrupt it?

It’s exhilarating to start a new entrepreneurial endeavor. However, it’s easy to get caught up in the tangible elements of establishing and advertising your business: designing a website, getting the message out, and building your brand.

While these factors play an essential role in building a modern company, a startup will likely flounder without competent market research. Learning how to conduct market research for a startup will help you better understand the industry you’re planning to compete in and create a solid business plan that investors will take seriously.

After all, market research is a vital aspect of maintaining your brand, satisfying client expectations, recognizing opportunities, increasing profit margins and being competitive in general. It’s hard to verify that your products and services are addressing actual pain points of your target demographic without data collected directly from consumers and your market.

Here’s everything you need to know about  how to do market research for a startup so you can back your idea with relevant insights before you hit the ground running.

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What is market research for startups? 

In short, market research is a business technique used at the outset of developing a company idea and involves extensively understanding the core demographic, its dynamics, (Read more...)