A Day in the Life of a Seedcamp x LBS Intern

This post is by Kate McGinn from Seedcamp

Fast-growth startups are always looking for high-quality talent. It’s without a doubt the single-most important ingredient to a company’s success. At Seedcamp, we work hard to help our portfolio fill out their team with the relevant skill sets and expertise. One way of doing this is a programme we started with the London Business School back in 2014. Today, the Seedcamp LBS Internship Programme matches students with Seedcamp portfolio companies, helping students apply their classroom knowledge to real-world problems and giving companies access to high-quality talent from one of the world’s leading business schools.

This year, we were thrilled to have matched 13 students with ten Seedcamp portfolio companies based in all corners of Europe (the benefits of a remote world). Two of these students are second-year Gene Barrett and first-year Nina Cardelus. We asked both to share what a typical day at their, albeit virtual, offices look like.

Gene Barrett

Intern at Weavr, an embedded banking provider that makes it quick and easy for any business to integrate financial services within their platform.

7:30 a.m

1. My alarm goes off and I begin my morning routine: Drink a glass of water

2. Throw in my airpods and listen to The Daily by the New York Times while walking to a local coffee shop (Ok… Pret…)

3. Drink my morning coffee while writing down three things I’m thankful for and three things that I aim to accomplish today (a modified version of morning pages that works for me)

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