Mapped: The 10 Largest Gold Mines in the World, by Production

This post is by Niccolo Conte from Visual Capitalist

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Map of the 10 largest gold mines in the world

The 10 Largest Gold Mines in the World, by Production

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Gold mining is a global business, with hundreds of mining companies digging for the precious metal in dozens of countries.

But where exactly are the largest gold mines in the world?

The above infographic uses data compiled from S&P Global Market Intelligence and company reports to map the top 10 gold-producing mines in 2021.

Editor’s Note: The article uses publicly available global production data from the World Gold Council to calculate the production share of each mine. The percentages slightly differ from those calculated by S&P.

The Top Gold Mines in 2021

The 10 largest gold mines are located across nine different countries in North America, Oceania, Africa, and Asia.

Together, they accounted for around 13 million ounces or 12% of global gold production in 2021.

RankMineLocationProduction (ounces)% of global production
#1Nevada Gold Mines?? U.S.3,311,0002.9%
#2Muruntau?? Uzbekistan2,990,0202.6%
#3Grasberg?? Indonesia1,370,0001.2%
#4Olimpiada?? Russia1,184,0681.0%
#5Pueblo Viejo?? Dominican Republic814,0000.7%
#6Kibali?? Democratic Republic of the Congo812,0000.7%
#7Cadia?? Australia764,8950.7%
#8Lihir?? Papua New Guinea737,0820.6%
#9Canadian Malartic?? Canada714,7840.6%
#10Boddington?? Australia696,0000.6%

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