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  • Elicit is building a tool to automate scientific literature review

    For researchers, reading scientific papers can be immensely time-consuming. According to one survey, scientists spend seven hours each week searching for information. Another survey suggests that systematic reviews of literature — scholarly synth…

  • Charted: The Exponential Growth in AI Computation

    In eight decades, artificial intelligence has moved from purview of science fiction to reality. Here’s a quick history of AI computation. The post Charted: The Exponential Growth in AI Computation appeared first on Visual Capitalist.

  • The Weekend Reader

    US and China might be in a bitter chip (and cold) war, but don’t tell that to Nvidia. The company is (or was) selling a shit ton of GPUs to Bytedance and Alibaba. Bytedance has ordered a billion dollars worth of GPUs and according to rumors, has so far “received a total of 100,000 A100…