Accessibility overlay startup accessiBe closes $28M Series A

If you want to make your website accessible right now but lack the resources for the kind of serious revamp it would take, an “accessibility overlay” may take the pressure off while the work gets done. Though critics argue that these tools may not be a permanent solution, accessiBe feels that its approach is an important part of making the entire web available to everyone, and has raised $28 million to prove it.

It’s a problem often faced by small businesses: their website may not have been built to modern accessibility standards, and not only needs a deep dive by professionals to fix, but ongoing work to keep up to date and fix errors. This sort of work can be very expensive, and SMBs may not have the cash to lay out. This is not only a bummer for anyone with a disability who visits the site, but it exposes the business to legal action.

At the enterprise level, accessibility is increasingly becoming part of the development process, and startups like Fable and Evinced are looking to push things forward there. For those whose development budgets compete with rent and food money, however, other approaches may be desired.

AccessiBe is one of a few new services called accessibility overlays that claim to provide total ADA compliance and other features just by installing a line of JavaScript. If it sounds too good to be true… well, it is and (Read more...)