A very misty weekend

This post is by Om Malik from On my Om

Good morning my friends over here! Earlier this morning, I got a message from another friend that someone was imitating me on IG by stealing my photos. I sadly had to go there and report the account. It was one of my first visits to IG since I quit the service in 2020. And the visit to IG made me realize that the reasons I quit the service and the negative feelings it brought up are still in place. I reported the account and came back here.

In sharp contrast, the calm and zen of my new photo community, Glass, makes me appreciate it even more. It is almost like living in a community where everyone knows and cares about you and what you share and create. Thank you, team Glass. On another note, we had a rainy weekend, and that meant an amazing morning of fog, mist, and rain in the air. Obviously, it is my kind of weather.

I have been playing with a new camera and a new focal length, so the look of these photos differs from my usual combination of a Leica SL and a 50mm lens. These are wider — almost the focal length of the typical iPhone camera. I did an additional B&W conversion and found that it is different enough from color and was worth sharing.

I hope you enjoy these images!

November 7, 2022. San Francisco