Founder Q&A: The Future of Sustainability

This post is by Polina Stavrovski from Seedcamp

We’re currently living in the decisive decade for creating a lasting, positive impact on our planet. Previously, we published a deep dive on the future of sustainability and highlighted some of our portfolio companies spearheading the way. On the back of this, we spoke with six of our founders from Gardin, Treecard, Protagonist, Vinterior, Club Zero and Martie, who are all building mission-driven businesses, on what the future of tech holds for sustainability. It was great to get their collective opinions on some of the questions below:

What is the future of sustainable tech?

Founder Sumanta, and Data Scientist Julian from Gardin, “The future in store for sustainable technology is that soon everything will be sustainable technology. The success story of renewable power will continue and multiply into industries outside electricity, unleashing a transformation of the world economy. We are already seeing a dramatic shift in the positioning of the world’s largest brands to align their products with the sustainable agenda. What is currently a hip marketing trend will imminently become consumer expectation. This has been one of the biggest successes of the climate movement and will make it easier than ever before to make consumer choices which are ‘sustainable’.”

What is the future of sustainable finance?

Jamie, Co-Founder and CEO of Treecard: “In consumerism, this is a vertical built primarily on trust and authenticity. Once a brand has built sufficient trust mass, they’ll sweep up. I’m biased but I think (Read more...)