Get ready: Making your apartment building resilient to COVID

This post is by David from David Teten's blog

I’m gearing up for a very difficult and abnormal time in the US.  I’ve been thinking about how to make our apartment building, our houses of worship, and more generally our communities more resilient to COVID-19.  We all rely on a range of companies and people around us: doorman, deliverypeople, working hospitals, etc. We can’t rely on them now to have 99.999% uptime.  

In times of stress your neighbors suddenly become a lot more important.  You may be using and other community websites a lot more than you did in the past. Our apartment building uses BuildingLink, but many residents are not signed up; I expect that many residents will start using it more aggressively. 

Here’s a sanitized version of the letter and survey we just sent to fellow residents of our apartment building, where my wife is on the board:

During this challenging time, we have been thinking about how to make our building more resilient and help lower the risk of any of us getting COVID.  We are grateful that our staff are diligently cleaning the doorknobs and other frequently touched surfaces and mopping the floors at least 3 times daily.  They have put Purell at all entrances.  We have also told staff that effectively no one gets onto the building except tenants and staff: no dog walkers, trainers, delivery men (deliveries are given to the staff outside), no renovation projects unless previously scheduled. Exceptions for household help and emergencies like broken toilets/household appliances. If any (Read more...)