Azeem’s Exponential Views

This post is by Om Malik from On my Om

My first introduction to Azeem Azhar was over a decade ago when he was in the early innings of his entrepreneurial journey. His career has evolved, and the technology world now knows him for his excellent newsletter, Exponential View. He recently authored a book with a similar name: “The Exponential Age: How the Next Digital Revolution Will Rewire Life on Earth.”

I am about halfway through the book and admittedly should have finished it sooner, but it has triggered my thoughts, and as a result, I have to pause, think, make notes and restart. It will be a while before I get to review the book, but for now, here is a short interview conducted via email and Google Docs with Azeem. 


Q: From a layman’s perspective, what is Exponential View? 

A: Exponential View is a newsletter charting the impact of this major techno-economic-political transition that we are going through. It started life in 2015 as a simple newsletter to help me learn. We were (and still are) witnessing the collision of general-purpose technologies in the fields of computing, energy, biology, and manufacturing. Each of these was improving — on a price/performance basis — very quickly, more than 10% per annum. Silicon chips have improved at around 40-45% per annum for several decades. And startup should destabilize (and then help redefine) our ways of doing things. 

EV investigated these trends from a technical, startup, and social perspective. Exponential View is the thesis that emerged from this (Read more...)