The Eutopian Network State

If you are not familiar with it, I encourage you to check out the Network State Project. The basic idea is to form new states online first, with an eventual goal of controlling land in the real world. While I disagree with parts of the historic analysis and also some of the suggestions for forming a network state, I fundamentally believe this is an important project.

In my book The World After Capital, I trace how scarcity for humanity has shifted from food to land (agrarian revolution), from land to capital (industrial revolution), and now from capital to attention (digital revolution). The states that we have today were first formed during the Agrarian Age and were solidified during the Industrial Age. As a result they carry the baggage of both of these periods. When it comes to states we have serious issues of “technical debt” and “cruft.” One way to tackle these is through gradual rewrites of existing laws and constitutions. That’s a slow process under the best of circumstances and in an age of increasing polarization likely an impossibility. Another mode of change is to create a new system elsewhere, with the goal that it might eventually replace the existing one. Given that pretty much all the habitable space on Earth is taken up by existing nation states, the best place to get started is virtual.

Now what would a Eutopian network state look like? I am still trying to figure a lot (Read more...)