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Addressing Uncertainty, an overview

This post is by Jerry Neumann from Reaction Wheel

We are going to talk about building a strategy that helps you make decisions, even under uncertainty. It will help you decide which actions to take even though you won't know what the results of those actions are. You won't have a plan—something where action a leads to action b leads to action c, and so on until you inevitably (or at least statistically) reach success. Instead you will have a framework that guides you to decisions that carefully mitigate uncertainty as efficiently as possible while building a sustainable competitive advantage for the time when the uncertainty is gone and competition arrives.

A Taxonomy of Moats

This post is by Jerry Neumann from Reaction Wheel

Value is created through innovation, but how much of that value accrues to the innovator depends partly on how quickly their competitors imitate the innovation. Innovators must deter competition to get some of the value they created. These ways of deterring competition are called, in various contexts, barriers to entry, sustainable competitive advantages, or, colloquially, moats. […]