Founder Q&A: Dmitri Amariei and Prateek Gaur, Co-Founders of digital trade assistant CargoFlip

This post is by Kate McGinn from Seedcamp

Dmitri Amariei and Prateek Gaur solve communication problems. No, not the ones you have with your colleague, spouse, or co-founder. Rather, Dmitri and Prateek focus on communication within the shipping industry. This is the idea behind Cargoflip, an all-in-one platform simplifying international trade for SMEs.

Dmitri Amariei (Co-Founder & CEO) and Prateek Gaur (Co-Founder & COO) met and developed the idea behind Cargoflip at Entrepreneur First (EF).

At Seedcamp, we are thrilled to support the Cargoflip team on their journey to disrupt global shipping alongside our friends at Underscore VC and Entrepreneur First. Dmitri and Prateek serve an important need for underserved SMEs, which are the backbone of global trade and have increased importance to play in the post-COVID economy. 

“We were excited by the notion that you could basically automate a lot of the legwork for SMEs through document management, information extraction and custom workflows,” our Associate Kyran Schmidt comments. “We saw this as the exciting first step in becoming a centre of gravity for the international trade ecosystem.”

In addition to the market opportunity, we were impressed by Dmitri and Prateek as founders. “We thought their backgrounds as senior operators and builders at some of Europe’s top scale-ups like Delivery Hero, AUTO1 and Taxfix was outstanding,” Kyran goes on to explain, “Given their massive passion for the space, Dmitri and Prateek were awesome founders to go after the opportunity.”

Recently, we got a chance to speak with the Cargoflip founders about their mission, product roadmap, and assessment (Read more...)