Ranking Countries By Digital Quality of Life in 2022

This post is by Omri Wallach from Visual Capitalist

Ranking Countries By Digital Quality of Life in 2022

Life and work in the 21st century is increasingly reliant on modern technology, with a country’s digital quality of life playing a massive role on people’s day-to-day.

Some countries excel in internet access and affordability, while others have more modern digital systems and relevant laws. And many regions of the world suffer with lacking digital infrastructure and access across the board.

The 2022 Digital Quality of Life Index (DQL) from Surfshark analyzes countries on digital wellbeing, based on data from the UN, World Bank, Freedom House, and the International Communications Union.

5 Metrics for Measuring Digital Wellbeing

The DQL Index covers 117 countries with readily available data, making up 92% of the global population. Each country is scored on five pillars:

  • Internet Affordability—How much time people have to work to afford a stable internet connection.
  • Internet Quality—How fast and stable the internet connectivity in a country is and how well it’s improving.
  • Electronic Infrastructure—How well developed and inclusive a country’s existing electronic infrastructure is.
  • Electronic Security—How safe and protected people feel in a country.
  • Electronic Government—How advanced and digitized a country’s government services are.

Visualizing The World’s Digital Quality of Life

Overall, Europe and Asia led the digital quality of life rankings in 2022. Israel took the top spot with an incredibly strong score in internet affordability. Here are the countries sorted by rankings and their weighted scores in each category:

RankCountryAffordabilityQualityE-infrastructure (Read more...)