Founder Q&A: Sebastian Fallert, co-founder of flexible workplace benefits platform Ben

This post is by David Ola from Seedcamp

The team behind flexible benefits platform Ben (Photo Credits: Ben)

When Seb was in his Expert in Residence role with us here at Seedcamp he identified an opportunity in the HR space. Founder of JustBook, he teamed up with David, previously at Mosaic Ventures & Soundcloud, who combines Fintech and enterprise sales experience to found Ben. Ben allows companies to offer their employees a flexible benefits package while alleviating the admin burden. In a world that is increasingly remote, Ben allows companies to cater to their increasingly diverse workplace needs. Managing Partner Reshma and Associate Kyran caught up with him to discuss his experience with the Seedcamp Nation, how Ben was founded and their plans for the future.

Reshma: So Kyran & I are super excited to be here, to speak with Seb, CEO of Ben. Seb was an Expert in Residence (EIR) with us at Seedcamp from 2019 onwards but before we get on to that – what does Ben do?

Seb: Thank you so much for having me! So yeah, what is Ben? Ben is an end to end platform for employee benefits and reward management. Why would anybody build a new platform for benefits? The truth is most benefit programs actually have very low engagement and the reason for that is not just UX and things like that. It’s literally that the things that are on offer are just not relevant for people and that’s hard to rectify. If you are a small or mid-size (Read more...)