This post is by Om Malik from On my Om

When Apple bought Dark Sky, it was apparent that the days for one of the best-designed, data-dense, and yet visually simple apps were numbered. It is a shame, considering Apple’s weather app is mediocre. About a week ago, I asked my Twitter community for recommendations to replace Dark Sky, which will be shut down by the end of the year. I was looking for an elegant, not too fussy, but “Information-rich in simple fashion” weather app!

MJ Tsai, a software developer who writes a blog about Apple software, recommended Snowflake by Bjango and Weathergraph. I acquired both of them with a handful of others like Carrot. In the end, I settled on Weathergraph. It is dense with data, but only if I want to dig deeper, and it is simple enough for me to get a better view of the weather ahead quickly. There is a premium forecast source, Foreca that is worth having and is better than Apple’s own weather feed.

The app is the handiwork of a Czech developer, Tomas Kafka. Thankfully the app doesn’t take its cues from Tomas’ namesake, Franz. It is clear, logical, and rich in information; everything is quickly accessible. I don’t particularly love the colors offered by the app, but they are not deal breakers. 

recent update gives you an interactive daily forecast. Tap on the daily forecast and get to hourly forecasts. It is very clever. The best part of the app — it shares DewPoint information, which in turn helps me (Read more...)