5 Reasons the Return of the NFL Is Such A Big Deal

This post is by n Rohit n from Influential Marketing

The NFL is easily the most popular sport in America and the new season starts today. Despite mostly empty stadiums (except the ones in Ohio and Florida), the pent up demand for ANY live entertainment and the popularity of the sport seem poised to drive some record profits this year for the league and team owners … if the entire season happens, of course.

To further break down the significance of its return, here are five reasons why the return of the NFL is such a big deal and you should be watching:

1. The NFL brings America together.

As we head into the final months of the Presidential election, it often seems as though the country has never been more divided. Some of this may be the media sensationalizing the rift, but history has shown that sports can be a force for unity. Even more so when it comes to America’s most popular sport. You and I might disagree politically, but if we both support the same team – at least we have something in common. More than ever, we can use this perspective right now.

2. The NFL could save television advertising.

The pandemic has driven many of us to ad-free streaming media platforms for most of our entertainment. Until scripted dramas return, live sports are one of the last venues where television advertising could still reach an actively engaged audience … and there is no live sport better suited to advertising breaks than the stop-and-start format (Read more...)