The Atmospheric Rise of Cloud Computing

This post is by Rida Khan from Visual Capitalist

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The Atmospheric Rise of Cloud Computing

From the dawn of civilization right up until 2003, human beings generated 5 exabytes of stored information. Now this is created every two days.

And by 2025, half of all the world’s data will be found on the cloud, allowing people to save, control, and work with it remotely or in any other setting.

In the infographic above, sponsored by Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust, we dive into everything you need to know about the atmospheric rise of cloud computing.

What Does The Cloud Hold?

Many types of data, from text files, images, and videos to large archives and applications data, are stored on the cloud. 

Today, the average employee uses 36 cloud-based services daily, and corporations as a whole store about 60% of their data on the cloud.

Different cloud storage services have been created based on this growing demand. Consequently, there are four main cloud storage systems according to Spiceworks:

  1. Private cloud storage: The data and resources in a private cloud are not typically shared with other organisations or users. This is suitable for large enterprises.
  2. Public cloud storage: Available to the public and is managed by a third-party provider. The resources and data in a public cloud is shared among multiple users and organisations.
  3. Hybrid (Read more...)