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The Gamestop ($GME) Saga

This post is by Jeff Carter from Points and Figures


And today your elite corporate overlords deemed that the Reddit Wall St. group was not beneficial to discussion and removed it. Discord removed it.  The idea that there was hate speech on the platform is preposterous.  This is simply an excuse.  If you are a Reddit Wall St member I would highly encourage you to set up a stream on or maybe better yet on where the technology is vertically integrated.  There were over 2MM people that were members of the Reddit group. 

To my acquaintances that voted for Biden, he is far worse than Trump when it comes to civil liberties.  I know Stocktwits founder Howard Lindzon called Trump “Fat Nixon” for years. Joe Biden is resembling Erich Honecker at this point, or worse.  

The one good thing is that Chamath Palihapitiya has a gigantic megaphone and soapbox.  I would like to see him use it.  I know that my venture capital friends will remain muted, or at best gently prodding.  

In the comments section below, someone posted the full interview with Chamath P.  It’s a tremendous interview as I said, and the anchor really shows how dimwitted he is when it comes to markets.  He is just a teleprompter reader.   It’s now being blocked by either YouTube or NBC Universal. You can access it by paying for CNBC Pro. Screw them. 

This is fascism in real-time folks and it’s being practiced by the party that accused everyone else of fascism and shredding the Constitution (Read more...)