It’s (always) the camera, stupid

This post is by Om Malik from On my Om

The reviews for Apple’s new Studio Display are in — and they aren’t kind. Some of them are brutal. I read, viewed, and heard what the reviewers had to say — and my conclusion: they are fine, with a handful of misses. You can get a near-exact display from LG for about $300 less. However, Apple’s display is better built. And it is tightly integrated with Apple’s computers and ecosystem. The 4 Thunderbolt ports, six speakers to pump out great sound, and three microphones to make calls with — Apple Studio Display stands above the competition and is worth the premium. 

Well almost!


The much-ballyhooed 12-megapixel wide-angle camera for making video calls is turning out to be quite a dud. 

“I find to be crushingly disappointing,” writes John Gruber. “Image quality is astonishingly poor, and Center Stage is glitchy.” It was poor compared to the new iPad Air and the new iPhone 13 SE, two devices that also use the same camera as the Studio Display. 

“It looks awful in good light and downright miserable in low light,” writes The Verge editor in chief, Nilay Patel. “I’ve tried it connected to the Mac Studio and on my MacBook Pro running macOS 12.3, and on both machines, it produces a grainy, noisy image with virtually no detail. I tried it in FaceTime, in Zoom, in Photo Booth, in QuickTime — you name it, it’s the same sad image quality.” Wall Street Journal’s Joanna Stern sums it up well when (Read more...)