Congressional Blind Trusts

This post is by Jeff Carter from Points and Figures

Why are members of Congress allowed to trade stocks?  Why are their immediate family members allowed to trade stocks?  I don’t think they were really upset with the Gamestop situation as much as they were ticked off they weren’t tipped off and allowed to participate in the squeeze.

There is so much trading in the halls of Congress.  They get inside information before anyone else, and they act on it.  There are literally hundreds of examples throughout history.  Recently we have seen Nancy Pelosi’s husband buy stocks ahead of executive orders and make a ton of money.  We have seen Senators buy or sell stocks after hearings on the Covid crisis to make or avoid losses.  Today I read where NJ Congressman Tom Malinowski made between $671k-$2MM on stock trades LAST YEAR.  No wonder they don’t have time to read pending legislative bills, they must be looking at charts.

They trade futures too.  Pending trade deal with another country? Before it passes make sure my order is filled in lumber, meats, or grains.

Other Congresspeople wouldn’t trade.  Instead, they’d buy land.  Then they would advocate for pork barrelled bills which would cause the land they owned to be developed.  Disgraced former Speaker Denny Hastert was a master at this.  He was one of the best land investors the state of Illinois ever saw.  Amazing the wealth you can build on a teacher’s retirement and a small congressional salary.

Sometimes I don’t think people like Senator Dick Durbin want to (Read more...)