Why Coffee Might Make You Impulsively Buy Useless Junk

Never drink coffee right before shopping. I was reading a research study this week about how the caffeine in coffee leads to impulsive shopping behavior and as a coffee lover, I was tempted to dismiss it. Then I thought about the Kickstarter I funded for a perfume that smells like outer space. Yes, maybe I should cut back on the coffee. 

new study published in the Journal of Marketing which found shoppers who had a complimentary caffeinated coffee right before shopping ended up spending more and buying more impulsively that those who chose to drink water or decaf coffee. The effect also seems to impact online shopping behaviour as well.

Several years ago, another study found that the caffeine from coffee also had a similar effect on problem gamblers. So now in addition to the old advice about never going grocery shopping when you’re hungry, you should also make sure you’re not overly caffeinated before doing any kind of shopping. Otherwise, you might end up with a closet full of sad and useless candles and other crap you’ll regret ever owning.