9 Factors Sparking the Future of Mining and Mineral Exploration in British Columbia

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Future of mining in British Columbia

9 Factors Sparking the Future of Mining in British Columbia

Jurisdictions are an important factor in building a successful mineral exploration project.

In Canada, British Columbia (B.C.) is building a brighter future for mining and mineral exploration.

This infographic from our sponsor B.C. Regional Mining Alliance (BCRMA) details nine factors that make the province the right jurisdiction for mining.

#1: A Strong Mining Ecosystem

B.C. has a long history of mining that has produced a wealth of global industry experts. Today, the region is bustling with exploration activity and has:

  • 326 active exploration projects
  • $660 million in 2021 exploration spending
  • Over 1.4 million meters of exploration drilling in 2021
  • 17 operating metal and coal mines

In addition, the province also offers comprehensive geological data, research from leading institutions, and over 3,700 mining supply companies.

#2: Geological Potential

B.C.’s mining ecosystem is built on its robust history and immense geological potential. In 2020, the province produced a diverse range of commodities, including gold, silver, copper, and other base and industrial metals.

Mineral2021 Production Value (billions)% of Total Value
Steelmaking coal$6.3B49.7%
Construction aggregates$0.5B3.6%
Industrial minerals$0.4B3.4%

B.C. is Canada’s only producer of molybdenum, used in metallurgy and chemical applications, in addition to being Canada’s leading producer of copper and steelmaking coal.

The province’s Golden Triangle located in the northwestern region contains some of the most (Read more...)