Disney Minus

This post is by Om Malik from On my Om

It is no secret that I am a big fan of BBC/National Geographic’s reality TV show, Life Below Zero. It is now in its twentieth season. As someone who didn’t have a cable television account, I used to buy the season from Apple’s iTunes store. I paid for the first fourteen seasons. I didn’t mind because it is a guilty pleasure and allows me to get my “Alaska fix.” 

However, things have become harder since it is no longer feasible to buy the “season passes” or watch the most recent episodes. You can buy one season at a time, and even then, you can’t watch the 19th or the 20th season. Frustrated, I decided to sign-up for Disney+ with Hulu (without Ads) and ESPN+. I canceled my ESPN+ account and signed up for the whole enchilada. Given that one of the perks of my American Express credit card is a $ 20-a-month credit for digital streaming, it felt like a win-win proposition. 

Let’s say that signing up was the easiest part — it was so challenging to get everything to work seamlessly. Disney Plus had a pretty clean sign-up flow, and so did ESPN. On the other hand, the Hulu sign-up was a mess and needed a different sign-up flow. And after some hits-and-misses, I was able to sign in to the Hulu service. 

I was super excited to catch up on Life Below Zero (Seasons 19 and 20.) It was a rainy, dreary weekend in San Francisco, so this (Read more...)